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6 Ways You Can Benefit from Special Packaging

Have you ever tried to open a pill bottle that was just too tight? It hurts your hand, doesn’t it? If you aren’t careful with uncapping it, you might accidentally spill a month’s worth of prescription down the drain. Ah, how frustrating! Well, there’s good news for you. Rather than getting your prescription in their … Continue reading

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Are You Storing Your Medication Properly?

A lot of people keep their pill bottles in the bathroom cabinet or near the kitchen sink. Do you place your medicine near those areas too? While it may be more convenient to stash medicines in these places, they’re not always the ideal option. This is because placing your medication in those areas could expose … Continue reading

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The Basics of Vitamins and Why You Should Take Them

One of the best ways to improve your health besides switching to a more nutritional diet is to take dietary supplements such as vitamins. Vitamins provide a wide array of benefits without any negative side effects, so you have nothing to lose and all to gain by trying them out. However, there are many different … Continue reading

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Why You Should Get Immunized Before Traveling Abroad

If you plan on going abroad, it is a good idea to consider getting immunized before your trip. The reason for this is that other regions and climates of the world have different kinds of diseases. Your body may not be prepared to handle these illnesses, thus making you vulnerable to falling ill. This will … Continue reading

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Your Guide to HIV Protection and Awareness

You may have heard of the acronym “HIV” before. However, most families do not even talk about this because it makes them awkward and scared. It is time to break the silence and norms as Health Delivery Pharmacy shares with you all the information you need to know about the said virus. HIV stands for … Continue reading

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