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5 Tips: How Diabetics Can Care for Their Feet

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How is the progress of your diabetes management so far? While this can be an ideal question for those diagnosed with diabetes very recently, it can also be a good reminder for those who already have it for long. As one of the life-long illnesses, diabetes needs diligent care. Some people can do this on their own while others, such as children and the elderly, will need assistance from family members or professional care providers.

Regardless of how you’re managing your diabetes condition, we’re here to back you up. When you’re looking for medical supplies needed for your diabetic monitoring, don’t hesitate to contact our efficient pharmacists at Health Delivery Pharmacy.

Now, when diabetes hits a person, one of the body organs that can easily get the heavy toll is the feet. Since diabetes can delay wound healing, even minor blisters on a foot can get easily complicated. However, with proper care and monitoring, you can avert the worst case scenario. Here are our recommendations on how you can care for your feet when you have diabetes:

  1. Always inspect your feet for whatever occurrence of blisters, scratches, or breakouts. These incidences can happen especially that we use our legs most of the time every day. When checking your feet, remember to inspect in between the toes and under these. When you’re unable to bend and check on these areas, don’t hesitate to seek assistance from a family member at home.
  2. Select your footwear properly. Some patients have doctor-prescribed diabetic shoes, but these are not really necessary. The basic requirement, however, is that the shoes should be comfortable and well-fitted to the patient’s feet so that they can move about easily and blisters can be prevented.
  3. Trim your toenails in a straight manner. In some cases, our toes can get injured by our ingrown nails. To prevent this, trim the nails in a straight line so that all sides can grow at the same level, minimizing the nails getting into the inner part of the toes.
  4. Exercise caution when washing and drying your feet. Use the right soap or foot care products when washing your feet so that these won’t get irritated or allergic. Additionally, when drying your feet, pat-dry only. Pat-drying your skin prevents any possibility of rubbing which can result in even little scratches.
  5. Be on the lookout for your sugar level. When you reach the level beyond the normal range, this can lead to further complications to your overall health. When you need diabetic supplies, don’t hesitate to inquire from our pharmacists and we will be glad to be of assistance to you.

Diabetes can be a challenging aspect of life, but it can’t also limit the way we ought to live our lives. We hope that these tips on foot care can better equip you in managing your diabetes condition or when assisting a loved one. For further inquiries about our services, contact us.

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