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Different Types of Pharmacists You Will Most Likely Consult With

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If your doctor gave you a prescription to be filled, it will be inevitable for you to work with a pharmacist. It is, after all, the pharmacists who can provide you with your prescription medication. Before you work with them though, do you know that there are different types of pharmacists in the industry? Here are some of the different types that you will most likely be working with for the sake of your prescription.


Out of the many types of pharmacists in existence, the retail pharmacists are definitely the most popular which you can find in every drug store you visit. Aside from their main task of checking the prescription for any adverse reaction, they can also provide information and advice to their patients before dispensing the prescribed medication. They will also tell you about the potential side effects of the given drugs.


Though the hospital pharmacists do not work closely with you, know that they are working behind the scene for you when you get admitted to the hospital. Hospital pharmacists are the ones who prepare your IV drips and TPN solutions for your infusion. They make sure that the oral syringes are properly packed with the right medicine at the right dosage. Generally, hospital pharmacists ensure that you receive the right medicine while you stay at the hospital.


The industry pharmacists work on a much larger scale compared to the retail pharmacist and hospital pharmacist. Their job scope includes creating new drugs or modifying existing drugs. Through their expertise, you can rest assured that your medication is safe to consume.


There are pharmacists who work in the government, too. Usually, they work in the Public Health Service, Armed Services, Food and Drug Administration, as well as the Veterans Administration. Their expertise in drugs are of great help in these government offices as they provide pertinent data that can positively or negatively impact the entire populace.


Of course, the pharmacists that exist in the pharmaceutical industry aren’t just the retail, hospital, and industry pharmacists. There are lesser known types of pharmacists that work their hardest to ensure that you get the best medication possible. Some examples of the lesser known pharmacists include poison control specialist, ambulatory pharmacist, clinical pharmacist, and more.

As long as you have a prescription, it is unavoidable for you to work with a pharmacist. Since that is the case, it is essential that you find a pharmacist you can trust. If you want to work with trustworthy pharmacists, give Health Delivery Pharmacy a call at 912-200-9250. We provide high-quality prescription and over-the-counter drugs for you.

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