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Are Generic Drugs Worth Your Time?

Are Generic Drugs Worth Your Time?
For many people, they may have second thoughts about taking or using generic medications. This is because most of us have the mindset that cheaper things are less superior compared to items of higher value. However, when it comes down to generic drugs, this is not true. Here are some aspects to consider when you are deciding if generic drugs are worth your time or not:

  • The Price: Unlike most items where a lower value usually means a reduction in quality, this is far from the truth in regards to generic medications. The reason why these drugs are far more affordable compared to brand name meds is for a fairly simple reason. When a pharmaceutical company develops a brand name medication, they spend millions of dollars during the entire process. They have to do research and development, testing, and marketing. So in order to make back their investment, they will need to charge a premium for their product.

    Generic medications do not have this problem because they do not go through research and development. They simply copy existing formulas in order to create a more affordable option.

  • Safety: If you are worried about the safety of generic medications, you can set your fears aside. Generic drugs adhere to the same laws, regulations, and standards as their brand name cousins. This means they are just as safe if not safer to use. However, since generic meds are not allowed to copy the original formulas exactly, it is important to check the ingredients for anything that you may be allergic to.

  • Effectiveness: Are generic drugs just as effective as their more expensive versions? The answer is yes. They are actually required by law to be just as good if not better than brand name medications.

If you are looking for a way to get effective medications on a budget, then generic drugs are definitely worth what you spend. However, if your doctor recommends a brand name option, then just go with their suggestion.

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