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Caution: 6 Medication Mistakes People Easily Commit


Most medicines are to be taken under specified circumstances. If not followed thoroughly, the drugs’ potency may be lost and its curative effect may not be achieved. If you are not a medical professional, follow the instructions until the very last detail. Playing the doctor or pharmacist’s role will only get you into trouble.

Humans are no perfect species, thus, we are susceptible to committing mistakes. However, these mistakes can be avoided when equipped with peering eyes and sharp minds. Especially with medicines, a single misstep can already spell a fatal consequence. To help you avoid the same, here is a short list of medication mistakes many had committed in the past:

  • Overdosage.

    This predicament is not only experienced by forgetful senior citizens but by the young ones too. Overdosage, at a large scale, can create drastic changes in the human body. After effects include hallucination, an abnormal rise in temperature, and even sudden death.

  • Underdosage.

    Never cut your dosages without previous notice from doctors and pharmacists. Though you may have saved a few dollars due to skipping a number of pills, the after-effects of which can be larger. Your body may lack sufficient support that the medicines offer and you become more susceptible to diseases.

  • Improper storage.

    Medicines must be stored at room temperature (with exception to injectable types). Storing them while under direct sunlight will alter its chemical arrangement. The drug may lose its potency and even open chances for some diseases.

  • Inappropriate medication.

    Do not take a drug that is not prescribed for you. A mere search on the internet will give you an idea, but an actual visit to pharmaceutical experts will help clear things up. Do not hesitate to ask for help.

  • Erroneous administration of medications.

    Medications come in different forms. Regardless of the fact that an injectable and a pill have the same brand and utility, both must not be taken interchangeably. Meaning, injectable liquids must not be taken orally while solid medicines should not be liquefied and administered intravenously.

  • Failure to read the labels.

    Labels matter. Not reading the charts printed on medicine box and bottles is a bad idea. It will deprive the patient of pertinent information including the nutritional value, quantity of maximum dosage, and ingredients used. Knowing the ingredients of a drug helps patients with certain allergies to become aware.

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