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The Impact of Medication Synchronization


What is medication synchronization? It’s basically the process of coordinating a patient’s medications so that they may be filled at the same time every month, preventing medication errors from occurring and greatly improving adherence at the same time. The repercussions of missing your medication can be deadly so make sure to take advantage of this service particularly when you’re taking a variety of medications.

This article will discuss several points regarding the importance of medication synchronization.

  1. Now more than ever, adherence matters. For what purpose is your medication when you constantly fail to take them? MS has become a major solution in improving medication adherence in patients. In addition, studies have also shown an improvement in patient health outcomes because of this incredible service.
  2. Non-adherence occurs for many reasons: the patients simply forget to take their medicine, order their refills, or pick-up prescriptions; the weather conditions or lack of transportation may keep patients from making it to their pharmacy; medications may be too pricey and the patient may not have enough budget for them, and medication regimens may simply be too complex for the patient to understand.
  3. Medication synchronization has allowed both patients and pharmacies to overcome these issues and bridge the barriers that keep patients from properly adhering to their medication. One of the best things about this particular service is its simplicity. The patient simply needs to fill out a form online and simply wait for the pharmacy’s immediate response to provide them the service.

Health Delivery Pharmacy is dedicated to improving adherence performance with medication synchronization. Keep yourself in the best of health by using this incredible service today! For inquiries, please get in touch with us at 912-200-9250. You may also send an email with your questions and requests to Drop by our website at for more on what our pharmacy has to offer.

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