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Top 6 Concerns to Ask Your Pharmacist When Getting a Refill

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Our pharmacists at Health Delivery Pharmacy are also part of your healthcare team. You can talk to us when you have concerns about your medicines or if you would like to clarify instructions about your treatments. Do you have medications that need to be refilled regularly? We encourage you to take some time to interact with our pharmacists so that they can be of assistance to you.

Here are items that you would want to ask from your pharmacist, especially when it’s already your refill.

  1. You can tell your pharmacist about the issues you face in swallowing the medicines. When you have swallowing difficulties, there will be more chances of medication non-adherence. Our pharmacists can give you ideas on how to manage swallowing your medicines easily. Avoid making your own alternatives unless you’ve already verified if the drug’s effectiveness is still there.
  2. Ask the pharmacist if there’s any way for the medicine to be packed in a more secure or organized packaging. Your pharmacist can also shed light on how to organize your pills properly so that you can be able to adhere to them just as instructed.
  3. Inquire from your pharmacists if your regular medication routines are still applicable with your continued intake. When you have other reactions, relay this information with them as well so that they can recommend whether you need to check with your doctor or it’s just a normal reaction from your medicine.
  4. Read the medicine’s name and refer it to your prescription. It doesn’t hurt to also verify with the pharmacist if it’s the exact medication you’ve been prescribed. When your new refill is already in a new container, inquire about it as well since some medicines with similar names are packed differently to distinguish their weight.
  5. Get supporting information from the pharmacist as to the way you store your medicines. When you’re storing them the right way, they will encourage you to do the same. If not, they can also recommend you of better ways to secure your medicines in your location. If you also need to bring your medicine somewhere, ask your pharmacist for helpful ideas on how you can preserve your medicine’s potency while you’re traveling.
  6. Since it’s already a refill, your pharmacy must already have a record of your medical information, as well as your doctor’s prescription. Update your pharmacist about your personal reactions to the medicines so that they can also keep this on record. This way, they will have a means of checking if you’re progressing with your treatment.

When you’re in communication with your pharmacist, you will have a better way of knowing your physical state and the progress of your treatment. So, we encourage you to not hesitate in interacting with a pharmacist so that your concerns and clarifications can also be smoothed out. At Health Delivery Pharmacy, we help you address your medicine-related concerns to meet your overall health goals.

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